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Why $DEV

If you dont already know, without $DEV crypto wouldnt exist, neither would $WEN or $HODL or any other opportunity to buy your own $LAMBO

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$DEV take over wen & hodl because dev created them

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$Dev Bot

$DEV has a special utility -> The Dev Bot, which will be online 24/7 to answer your question and send you daily updates, If dev fails to answer your questions, you will get 1 sol for every minute that passes

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Dev taxes are 0 sell and 0 buy

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Liq is forever burnt and gone, check it out here: https://solscan.io/tx/4SDGN6NzcDdwM7ZuhjuKdmVx2r4KVkxpjrUxyKq3oJdgxejKYfz5922xjghV4sZCsrnCVyLVuXTAyyk83WWVTFq7